Nature Spirits

The elves believe that all creatures and objects in nature has a name and a spirit. There are spirits that have existed for so long that they have no longer represent a single creature or object, but instead have taken on aspects of ideas and even people. The three most important such spirits are Kalag, Xers and Gorbe.

Gorbe is a spirit associated with hunters and wild game, as well as weather and rain. Wild and free Gorbe cannot be contained by any trap mortal or divine. Usually, Gorbe is asked by mortals to provide abundant game to hunt, offerings are also made to Gorbe to spread bad weather hindering an opponent. Gorbe takes the appearance of a particularly large lynx or other feline when appearing to mortal creatures. An appearance by Gorbe can provide omens or wisdom, however it can also mean that she has chosen to hunt and toy with mortal prey much like a cat plays with a mouse.

Kalag is the wild one; unbidden by anything the spirit of the air, sky and clouds rarely makes ground fall or interacts with mortals. When his assistance is requested offerings are made and the wily Kalag is fond of finding ways to provide the minimum amount of assistance for accepting an offering. Kalag is said to have seen everything there is to see, and hear everything there is to hear, while flying above the world and as such is a source of all manner of hidden and secret knowledge. These secrets can include lost magical knowledge, the safe path down a river, or what Duke Frithowulf said to Bishop Varban Kavka in their meeting. Befitting his beguiling nature Kalag always takes the physical form of a raven.

Xers is the protector of both mortal races as well as the wild places of the world, Xers is said to give preference to the wilds since mortal should have wisdom to avoid foolishly draw her ire. Usually supplication is given when Xers protection is desired to protect a place, but just as often offerings are made to hold back Xers protection of the wild so mortals can walk freely through dangerous places. Xers’ favoured appearance is that of an enormous bear, and as such dire bears are said to be Xers’ messengers.

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Nature Spirits

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