Lokington is a settlment located north of Pegbarrow with a population of around three thousand. Situated near a waterfall the village’s residents are by and large dwarves who compose roughly three-quarters of the population. The village uses the waterfall and river to run several sawmills and grain mills that generates most of the settlement’s income. Anybody can choose to use either, but the owners takes a percentage of the final milled products as payment.

In any other place Lokinton would be considered part of Pegbarrow, but due to laws governing the City Council only the area directly within Pegbarrow’s walls are governed as part of the city. Lokington has no official ruler other than the Duke. Many dwarves who have professions within Pegbarrow proper walk or take carts to their shops and other places of employment within the city every day.

Given that the village is largely populated dwarves the building are stout, made of sturdy stone masonry, and built partially into the ground.

Important Locations
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