Kaamata is the nominally the leader of the Dominion. Kaamata is generally depicted as a human man wearing armour made of maple leaves. However, like all gods he is truly formless, and may not even exist beyond an idea.

The stories tell that when the end came to the ancient world Kaamata helped people to survive and rebuild civilization. His followers believe that as a mortal man he took people in and saved them from the darkness and danger of the world. Eventually Kaamata fell in battle, but not before his followers carried his ideals to the larger world.

One of the he largest centres of Kaamata worship can be found in Pegbarrow. This is largely because the city is a major trading centre along a well used waterway. The religion flowed into the city like the river. It doesn’t hurt that a substantial number of Kaamata’s worshipers migrated here after his supposed death.

Kaamata is worshiped as a protector, teacher and civilization builder. His favoured animal is the beaver.

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