Humans are the most numerous race in the world. They are found with all manner of skin tones and hair colours. The only common trait to humans in and around Pegbarrow is a tendency towards lighter skin tones.

Most humans have reasonable relations with the other races of world. Elves are generally avoid major settlements although the number of half-elves in the world would indicate that elves don’t avoid humans. Dwarves have particularly close relationships with humans in that they tend to share similar views of the world, and enjoy many of the same aspects of life. Gnomes and halflings are also close to humans, although many folk (human or otherwise) would view the small-folk as needing protection from the world.

Most humans are superstitious and avoid contact with dragonborn or tiefllings out of fear. While not outright hated the distinct appearance of dragonborn and tielflings engenders distrust.

Human buildings and construction is typically built from the ground up, compared to dwarves who almost universally dig at least a half story into the ground as part of their “ground floor”, using hewed timber and cut stone. Humans as a group tend to use roughly cut and fitted stones unless a building something of substantial size (such as a castle) or the structure is built by somebody of substantial wealth. Most buildings are wood construction with at most a stone foundation for the wealthy. Many buildings are two, or even three stories in height, although anything larger tends to produce smaller and smaller upper floors due to the considerations of weight of materials.

Human names are usually composed of a given name and a family name. This isn’t a certainty since many humans are known by their given name and then the city, town or village they hail from, or their profession. For example Edleberk the Smith, Lewis Dubosc, or Ethan of Pegbarrow. Humans will also adopt the names of elves and dwarves.

Male Names: Aethelmund, Alcine, Alfonce, Beornwald, Bruce, Denis, Deormund, Droges, Eadmod, Ethan, Frithowulf, Finlay, Grimbald, Guie, Jozelme, Lewis, Moises, Olivyi, Ordbehrt, Robert, Seinfreid, Turbern, Wilbeorht, William
Female Names: Ade, Aelfgyth, Amfrie, Bebbe, Catherine, Corrine, Egefride, Elizabeth, Heregyth, Herleve, Hrotsvitha, Janine, Juliana, Lioûnie, Lisabé, Lucque, Modthryth, Mollé, Osoryd, Placite, Rowena, Sophie, Weuve
Family Names: d’Amboise, of Aucheneig, Birch, Cartwright, Caldwell, the Chafer, the Cook, Cooke, Combs, Devere, Duquesne, Gates, Godefroy, Gouel, of Llanay, Lyon, Page, Le Paulmier, Radcliffe, Thatcher, of Tillyfield, Tournebulle

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