Halflings are a people of the river. Small in stature they are strong of spirit. Rarely reaching more than 4’1" the diminutive halflings travel the rivers and waterways on rafts spreading news and trading where ever they stop. At these stops the halflings are a colourful bunch, full of music and dance. They tell fortunes, sell baubles and tell tales of adventure. The halflings are also unfairly notorious as thieves and pick pockets. As a traveling band halflings make easy targets to blame when things go missing.

Halfling clans are usually small, no more than a dozen families. They are tight knit even more so than dwarves. Halflings are quick to defend each other and will deny any wrong doing on the part of a clan mate. They will even flee as a whole taking the accused halfling to another clan so the original clan can return to a town and claim to have no knowledge of the accused. This has extended so far as to breaking another halfling out of a dungeon. There are several legends of notorious halfling thieves and their claims of escaping imprisonment.

Halflings don’t seem to follow any particular religion or spiritual affiliation. They aren’t so much atheistic as they are willfully ignorant of the divine or spiritual. This an oddity given the number of very real fortune tellers found among the halfling clans.

Each clan is headed by an elder matron, and a loose council of the women make important decisions. Although it is usually the halfling men that put these decisions into any form of action. The men are usually lead by the matron’s husband or eldest son, but it is not unusual for a particularly crafty younger halfling to be in this position.

Male Names: Adamu, Besnik, Brishan, Dukker, Gudada, Merikano, Milosh, Pov, Stevo, Tomasis
Female Names: Beti, Cojini, Damara, Kisaiya, Leondra, Malina, Monisha, Simza, Violca, Zujenia

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