Gnomes are counted amount the small folk. Rarely being more than four feet tall gnomes are ruddy skinned and their men-folk can grow prodigious amounts of facial hair. They tend to keep hair trimmed short, unlike dwarves who seem revel how much hair they can grow. Like halflings gnomes are clannish but prefer settlements in forest clearings rather than wandering. A gnome’s preferred home is dug out under a tree and then reinforced with timbers and warm hearths. These homes are sometimes interconnected via underground tunnels not unlike a rabbit warren.

Near Pegbarrow there a several gnome clans that live around the city in small hamlet like settlements. They trade and sell produce, wines and other goods in the city.

Male names: Atir, Bar-El, Chilik, Gdaliahu, Ivri, Kaner, Kasiff, May, Meitar, Oran
Female names: Amir, Ashir, Avnet, Einan, Kol, Melech, Morit, Ness, Nurit, Zimrat

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