The city of Pegbarrow is a bustling place that is home to just over thirteen thousand souls. It is the oldest, and largest, settlement in the area and is currently the seat of what passes for local government. The main temple of the Dominion of Kaamata and a cathedral of the Church of the Singularity are found in the city.

Pegbarrow is also the hub of both the blackstone road as well as the steel trail. Situated along a river the city also sees a great deal of boat traffic, particularly from halfling traders from the south.

The city is controlled by a council made of the citizenry, guild masters, the the small number of aristocracy as well as the Duke. The council directs the Watch, although the Militia is under the personal command of the Duke. All major decisions are debated in council and voted upon. The Duke can overrule any council decision, although as a general rule will not do so except under the most dire circumstances.

Important Groups and People

The watch is headed by Captain Oric Tainson and William Kinnelly acts as commander of the militia.

Duke Frithowulf the Unwilling is the current ruler of Pegbarrow. A human of 42 years the duke gained his epitaph as he was the most senior member of the militia and was vehemently against his election to the position of duke by the City Council. The Duke is nominally the head of the council and casts either tie breaking votes or completely vetoes decisions of the council that relate directly to the city proper.

The City Council is composed of 22 voting members, with the Duke casting the 23rd tie break vote. Currently the Merchants Guild has the most seats on council at 13, with the free citizenry and other land owners holding the remaining the nine seats.

The Merchants Guild is the largest bloc of the City Council. They represent the merchants and guilds of the city. They are chosen by vote from among the eligible members of each guild. While generally voting as a bloc, the Merchants Guild members don’t agree on everything since many would like to take business from each other. The tanners guild would like more leather goods being used rather than textiles which puts them at odds with the weavers guild, but both would rather not have the caravaners guild bring in more pre-made goods from outside of the city.

Important Locations
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