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  • Organizations

    Important organizations near Pegbarrow are listed below. * [[Pegbarrow Watch]] * [[Iron Dragoons]] * [[Temple Knights]] * [[The Carolers]] * [[College of Clergy]] * [[Merchants Guild]] * [[City Council]] * [[Caedwalla]]

  • Important Locations

    Important locations in and around the city of Pegbarrow are listed here: * [[Blackstone Road]] * [[Flearing Castle]] * [[Pegbarrow]] * [[Steel Trail]] * [[Lokington]] * [[Hithburne]]

  • Sorcerer

    Sorcerers gain their power through spontaneous magical manifestation (as the Masters at [[Caedwalla]] call it). That is to say a sorcerer can use magical abilities that are similar to those of a [[Wizard | wizard]] but require none of the formal training …

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