Oric Tainson

Commander of Pegbarrow Watch


Captain Oric Tainson is the head of the watch, and a confidante of Duke Frithowulf. The dwarf is a good man to head the watch. He’s honest and level headed and tries to resolve situations in a manner that leads to the best result for the town, or cause the least harm to all involved. This has lead to some to suggest that Oric is soft because he wont flog every petty criminal. Oric knows its better to make criminals pay for their crimes through charity. That being said Oric is not above using corporal, or even capital punishment for the truly unrepentant.

Oric is openly disdainful of the City Council, and the Merchants Guild members in particular. While they technically control the Watch Oric goes out of his way to ignore or bend the directions of the City Council when they don’t meet his ideas of justice.

Oric Tainson

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