The Carolers

The Carolers are the Church of the Singularity’s primary fighting force. They pursue enemies and heretics at the command of the College of Clergy. The knights welcome any follower of the Singularity although clerics, fighters and paladins are particularly common. They are renowned for singing hymns while crushing skulls and hacking the limbs from their enemies.

The Carolers are divided into two distinct branches, the Chaplains and the Chorale Host. The Chaplain branch ministers to the spiritual needs of its members. The Knight Commander leads the order as a whole and commands both the Chorale Host and the Chaplaincy. The order also has other positions that aren’t directly related to the hierarchy of the order, although they are considered senior members and answer directly to the Knight-Commander. Most of the additional positions are logistical in nature and are held by at least Knight-Captains or Deacons by virtue of experience.

Knight-Captains and Knight-Masters are usually assigned to oversee and lead the order’s regional affairs, as well lead larger groups while on campaign. The highest ranking Caroler in Pegbarrow is a Knight-Captain.

Order and Ranks of the Chorale Host

  1. Novitiate
  2. Squire
  3. Knight (at this point The Investiture is completed for the paladin class)
  4. Knight-Sergeant
  5. Knight-Lieutenant
  6. Knight-Captain
  7. Knight-Master
  8. Knight-Commander of the Order of the Holy Vessel

Order and Ranks of the Caroler Chaplaincy

  1. Brother
  2. Chaplain
  3. Deacon
  4. Archdeacon

Other Positions of Importance

  • Commander of the Vault – The head of the order’s armoury. Responsibilities include assuring each member is fully equipped and clothed.
  • Master of the Vine – Originally the head of the Chaplaincy’s wine making, now the head of the order’s finances. This position is always held by a member of the chaplaincy.
  • Knight-Marshal – A special rank that is charged with the overall military affairs of the order.
  • Master Seneschal – The deputy to the Knight-Commander and overseer of the order’s headquarter holdings.

The Carolers

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