Temple Knights

The Temple Knights of the Church of the Singularity are tasked with the protection of the Church’s temples, pilgrims and worshipers. The order is militant but are not sent out into the world to hunt or attack others, instead only ever being sent to protect something the College of Clergy has deemed needing protection. This is a different mission than The Carolers who are proactive in the world.

Ranks of the Temple Knights

  1. Initiate
  2. Protector
  3. Brother/Sister-Protector
  4. Templar-Protector
  5. Templar-Knight
  6. Templar-Commander
  7. Grand Commander of the Temple Knights

Special Offices of the Temple Knights

  • Commendator – The second in command of the Templar Knights.
  • Treasurer – Master of the purse stringers, purchaser of all goods and services the knights require.
  • Trapier – In charge of maintaining the standards of arms and clothing for the knights.
  • Chancellor – Record keeper and master of the seals.

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Temple Knights

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