Half-orcs are the breeding of orcs and humans. They have lived in and around Pegbarrow for centuries and their exact origin is lost to time. Some suggest that half-orcs are the product of pillaging by orcs, other suggest that a group of orcs exiled from their people found refuge in a human village and half-orcs are the children of resulting relationships. Either story could be true, but half-orcs having children give birth to half-orcs much like a half-elf couple has more half-elf children.

Half-orcs tend to take names from either their orcish or human ancestry.

Male Names: Agginur, Aramarsh, Barugur, Galenar, Hogunur, Kuratar, Oramak, Sarorim, Therodim, Zurug
Female Names: Aragar, Ekitur, Gynitar, Morinchu, Ranur, Sumuzar, Tumitur, Ubozara, Urashi, Zenogh

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