Leather and maille alone or in some combination are the most common armours to be found in Pegbarrow. Plate and maille is rare, although it is found among certain groups, particularly the Church of the Singularity's knightly orders. Still, the bulk of any kind of plate armour is impractical given Pegbarrow's hilly and forested terrain. Weapons vary tremendously, but a tools that double as a weapon are very common; axes, pitch forks and other farm implements are typical. Pegbarrow’s militia and watch carry clubs, hammers and spears rather than swords due to the ability to quickly replace lost or damaged weapons. The Iron Dragoons and the Church of the Singularity's military orders all arm themselves with swords as a matter of course. Bows are the rare exception that is used only as a weapon. Most farmers have some familiarity with a bow, using them to hunt small game. The militia also trains with bows and can present a fair degree of skill with their use. Elves in particular favour bows, especially their composite recurve bows. Dwarves on the other hand are fond of axes, picks, and hammers, anything that has utility beyond weaponry. They always prefer to have a weapon on hand, just in case a feud breaks out. Orcs and other monstrous races tend to make weapons and armour from scavanged material, or from items taken from those they kill.


Artifacts are weapons, armour and other items of ancient magic. Some of them are exceptionally powerful weapons, other are interesting baubles that do little beyond simple actions but the exact process of production has been lost to time.


Fire Lance


Wondrous Items

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