Dragonborn are humanoids with obvious draconic characteristics. While not entirely reptilian like lizardfolk dragonborn do lay clutches of eggs. Male and female dragonborn are indistinguishable to most non-dragonborn beyond the coloured patterns in their scales. A male dragonborn’s scales are vividly coloured, often having patterns of red, blue and green that they use to attract a mate. Female dragonborn tend towards scales that are all of the same, or similar, colour such as variations of green and blue.

Dragonborn always present the family name first followed by their given names and titles. For example Huitzilin Xquiq the Fire Scarred is from the family Huitzilin with a given name Xquiq and she survived a fire breathing monster of some sort.

Family names: Huitzilin, Ilhicacotzin, Ixcachitl, Miztli, Namacuix, Teoxihuitl, Tonalcotl, Xihuitl, Xocomina, Yaotia
Male names: Ah-Bolom-Dz’acab, Akbit, Chac, Chicahua, Colop-U-Uichikin, Cum Hau, Kianto, Metnal, Yum Caax, Zotz
Female names: Akhustal, Amoxtili, Citlamina, Itotia, Itzamatul, Ixazaluoh, Ixazalvoh, Mecatl, Patli, Xquiq

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