There are variety of creatures beyond the civilized races that live in and around Pegbarrow. They range from creatures that are little more than animals to intelligent beings whose physiology and psychology are radically different than the people of Pegbarrow.

Wild animals are a common sight around Pegbarrow. All manner of creatures common to temperate forest are found near Pegbarrow, deer and small game are abundant while large predators such as wolves and bears have plenty of prey. Fantastic creatures such as owlbears, wyverns, griffons, and dire beasts are generally still considered animals even if they aren’t necessarily as common as wolves, bears or deer.

Goblinoids are humanoid creature that share the same level of commonality of race that humans, elves, dwarves and halflings would have with each other. Goblioids range in height and build from the halfling sized goblin to the larger than human bugbear. While dangerous to travelers goblinoids tend to avoid large human settlements for the most part.

Humanoids other than the people of Pegbarrow include orcs, kobolds, trolls and other creatures with a generally human body plan although not necessarily human like biology. Giants are also humanoid, although exceedingly rare near Pegbarrow. Ogres are uncommon although not unheard of, and a century ago a hill giant clan was driven from the lands around the city.

Abominations are any creatures that fall completely outside the normal bounds of biology, whether they are terrifyingly intelligent beholders or the barely aware gelatinous cube all of them are monsters in the truest sense of the word.

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