Church of the Singularity

The Church of the Singularity is a monotheistic religion thought to have evolved during the fall of the ancient world. The Church believes that an ancient entity collided in battle with another unnamed entity and destroyed the world in battle. From this destruction the Singularity emerged. The Church is controlled by the College of Clergy who in turn are lead by the Grand Cleric.

The Church believes that only the Singularity is a true god, all other beliefs are aspects of the Singularity at best. At its worst the Church of the Singularity believes other gods are actually evil creatures from beyond the veil of reality and those that worship them must be destroyed.

The Church leader in Pegbarrow is the dwarf Bishop Varban Kavka sklad Snowtank.

Knightly Orders
see Temple Knights and The Carolers for more information.

The Temple Knights and The Carolers are the militant arms of the Church. Temple Knights are dedicated to the protection of the temples, and the Carolers are dedicated to pursuing enemies, heretics, and evil in general.

The Investiture
The Investiture is the process by which chosen knights are granted divine power.

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Church of the Singularity

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