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  • Kaamata

    Kaamata is the nominally the leader of the [[Dominion of Kaamata | Dominion]]. Kaamata is generally depicted as a human man wearing armour made of maple leaves. However, like all gods he is truly formless, and may not even exist beyond an idea. The …

  • Church of the Singularity

    The Church of the Singularity is a monotheistic religion thought to have evolved during the fall of the ancient world. The Church believes that an ancient entity collided in battle with another unnamed entity and destroyed the world in battle. From this …

  • Unita

    Unita is never believed to have existed as a mortal woman. She is the goddess of freedom, battle and wealth. Unita's followers value individual freedom, with skill in arms to stop those would take their freedom. As the goddess of wealth Unita's …

  • Assa

    Assa is a deity said to have traveled from the far west through the wilds until finding worshipers near Pegbarrow. Assa's favoured animal is the sparrow.

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