Varban Kavka sklad Snowtank

Bishop of Pegbarrow


Varban Kavka sklad Snowtank is the bishop of Pegbarrow, representing the the Church of the Singularity’s leadership in the city. Kavka is not a native of Pegbarrow, he was sent to the city nearly a decade ago by the College of Clergy.

Varban is best described as dour and serious. He takes his faith and position leading the local clergy very seriously. With modest influence in the College of Clergy Varban does his best to lead his clade of faithful as best as possible. He has a strong, and very public, dislike of the local priests of the Dominion of Kaamata, but directs other members of the Church from harming them and instead towards proselytizing to convert the followers of Kaamata.

Varban Kavka sklad Snowtank

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